FORM 25 REPUBLIC OF KENYA THE KENYA CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION ACT NO. 12 APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE/ OR RENEWAL OF PERMIT To THE DIRECTOR OF IMMIGRATION SERVICES P O BOX 30191 NAIROBI KENYA FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Entry Permit Class Affix photo Approved for Years. Months. Date Signature. Personal particulars of the person for whom permit is required Full name Contacts. Place and date of birth. Nationality Passport No*...
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Hi I'm Kelly Marshall admissions officer at Columbia International College we're located in room 163 and now we're able to offer our students help to do their online study permit applications if you have any questions or concerns we're here to help you you only need three things your passport your study permit and your parents bank statement to extend your study permit there are four pages which are really simple to fill the first ask information such as your name and the date and place of your birth the second page asks information such as your passport number and when you come to Canada the third requires information such as where and when you'll be studying and how much it costs the fourth ask basic background information which you just have to answer yes or no to a lot of the information that you're going to need in order to type your application is found on the study permit itself there are two different styles of study permit this style has a perforation on the bottom so you've probably already torn it off so I'm going to refer to this study permit as the short document the other style of study permit is this one here and we're going to call it the long one because it has a full page of information I have five tips with some of the more confusing parts of the study permit application tip number one is for box one on page one here you're asked to type in the UCI number you're going to find this number on your study permit if you have the long document the UCI number is found here in the top right hand corner and it's called UCI number if you have the short document the UCI number is found here and it's referred to as the client ID number tip number two on page one it asks for your current country of residence here you have to type in a from date now this would be the date that you came to Canada to be a student and then you need to type in a to date this would be the expiry date of your current study permit you will find the expiry date on the long document right here it is written in bold numbers whereas on the short document the expiry date is found here where it says valid until tip number three will help you with page 2 of the application down at the bottom you are asked for your document number you will find the document number on your study permit on both styles of study permit it is written in the top right hand corner and it begins with a capital letter F tip number four on page three it asks you for your duration of expected study in the front box you will type the date that you are typing your study permit application and in the two box you should enter either a date which is exactly one year longer than your current study permits expiry date or a date which is 90 days past your expected graduation date which ever date is shorter then that's the one that you should enter tip 5 will help you with the bottom of page 3 here you'll find a section entitled employment now you're not going to put in any information about a job here but...